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The grid approach to Web Design

At Laki Politis Media & Design, we approach each website with a wholistic approach to web design. First, starting with the basics of user experience, and then moving into the intricacies of the website's functionality. Our prime focus in designing your website is to understand the purpose of the web design. Why do you want a website? Why do you need this functionality?

Once we've answered that question, we're able to direct the user's experience through the web design. Have you ever visited a website and felt overwhelmed with options, or at other times you've felt confined by the design? That's why proper user experience design is absolutely essential to retaining a user. Web design is more than simply making a website look good, it's about making a website accomplish the tasks it was originally set out to fulfill. Without user-center web design, your website serves little to no purpose.

Laki Politis Media & Design's web design philosophy is simple. Minimalistic designs with driven, purposeful content, and intense imagery that captures both the user's vivid imagination as well as their undivided attention. In all of our web designs, you will see smart, symmetrical use of white space, that allows the user to subconsciously create the infamous grid, allowing them to easily scan for information. This simple principle allows us to subconsciously order a website logically.

Jakob Nielsen's research on the 'Golden Triangle'

The grid approach to graphically laying content out in web design is an essential approach to effective, simplistic design, but there are other principles that are highly important to my web design style. Jakob Nielsen, of wrote a very interesting article on the approach to web design in regards to eye movement on websites: Reading Pattern. These principles are core to user-centered design, and make all web designers reconsider positioning of elements.

In total, Laki Politis Media & Design is the West Palm Beach small business resource for sound, efficient web design. Whether your small business is just starting out and needs an efficient design that they can carry for the next couple years, or you're simply looking to retweak the web design you currently have. Let Laki Politis Media & Design be your resource. Check out our portfolio to see some of the web design work we've done.